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Differences in Sizes of Houses During Course of Day A common misconception is to confuse astronomy with astrology. This is not the focus of the project.
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Until now about 50 Astro-Science Practitioner have graduated in the past seven batches. A ims and Objectives The sole aim of the Astro-Science Department is to restore what has been degenerated and to preserve and further develop what is left of this ancient science of Tibetan Astro-Science.

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Counseling and recommendation of auspicious dates for various activities of the Tibetan Government in Exile remains another major service of this department. Fulfilling the needs of the people from all culture and caste, by bringing out a variety of Astrological readings and finding a way to solve their questions and uncertainties is one of the main objectives. Activities and Achievements The detailed almanac, pocket diary and single paged calendar with Thangka painting, remain some of the important yearly publications of the Astro-Science Department besides various other astrological readings in English and Tibetan language.

The almanac contains valuable information about the whole year in general and in section of the months and days.

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It begins with the biography of the Lord Buddha and major events in the Tibetan history till date in a chronological manner. A general overview of rise and fall at different parts of the world, weather conditions, natural disasters and eclipses are also covered besides accounts of good and evil on a day to day basis. The department cast numerous types of astro-science like the astro-science of Natal Horoscope, astro-science of Marital Compatibility, astro-science of Obstacle Year, astro-science of Ill-health, astro-science of Death and various other minor astrological readings according to ones condition of problem and query.

Remedial measures include personal prayers, general and special amulets and astrological counseling. Click Here to login. Sign In. Useful Links. Toggle navigation. UG Diploma in Arts 1 Yrs. UG Diploma in Arts.

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