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However, beware of accidents caused by trivial matters when driving a car. Luck: Good fortune can be found within the workplace. Your supervisors definitely have your back. Ongoing projects are finally manifesting themselves this year. However, starting a new project may not end so well. An attentive eye is ever crucial.

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When it comes to taking a risk or gambling, Leo doesn't have much luck in this area. Even if there is, it won't be worth the risk. Children and companions: Leo will be busy with their children and companions.

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Some of them may fall into health-related problems that may end up in unexpected hefty bills for you to worry about. Still, don't be too concerned. Your children and companions also have positive prospects waiting for them. Success is smiling at them despite other drawbacks. Work and finances: This is not a good year for work.

Things can get uncomfortable and may not go the way you want them to. If you are considering changing your job, try to refrain from the thought as it could bring chaos rather than joy. Patience is needed more than ever to get yourself through. Someone else may take credit for the work you've put so much effort into. If you're a freelancer, don't overdo yourself as it could get you in trouble. If you have a personal office, do upgrade and fix its electrical system to prevent any accidents. As for finances, you will have lots of expenses, and your money could get swallowed up by investments.

Relationships: Generally, love won't bring Virgo trouble this year. Things will go smoothly for couples. For single people, this is the year you may find true love, though there is a chance of obstacles. Deep down, Virgo have their own personal issues regarding the family, making them unready to be in a relationship. Largely, it's rather about whether you're ready to dive in or not.

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Health: Unfortunately, you may get sick easily this year, especially from something that has been passed on by someone else. Don't overwork until you have no time to rest. This can be one cause for deteriorating health, too. Also, be careful of road accidents. Check your own vehicle thoroughly, whether it's a car or a motorcycle. There's a chance for breakdown that may result in an accident. Check the tyres, engine and systems well. Never be careless when you're sitting behind the wheel, or when you're operating any vehicle. Virgo is highly prone to road accident this year.

You've been warned! Luck: Virgo will get most of their good fortune from friends. Success may come through work liaisons. Being a middleman may serve you well this year. Those who are writers, authors, singers and actors may see their career on the rise. Luck will find you through social connection and friends, and not too much from windfalls. Children and companions: It's as the saying goes, good friends will lead you the right way, and bad ones will lead you to chaos. Surround yourself with good people. Your children and companions have a tendency to spend a lot of money, and the cause of that will be their immediate social circle.

This may lead to family troubles due to extra household expenses. Work and finances: The stars haven't been on your side when it comes to work in the past year.

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Things may not have progressed in the way you want them to. But now things are beginning to fall into place, and finally it may lead to something worth celebrating. Advancement in work is definitely on the agenda. However, focus on domestic assignments first. There isn't much luck abroad and your path could be filled with obstacles. Too much expectation may end in heartbreak. One thing for certain is, if your work is good, the money will surely flow in.

Relationships: There's nothing too exciting when it comes to romance for Librans. Things will improve towards the end of the year, and even until the middle of next year. If love hasn't been good to you since last year, you will surely see a silver lining come later this year. One advice is to adjust your social skills.

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If you're a woman, and someone is approaching you, don't take that too seriously. It's just a fling -- lust and not love. It will take time to prove how serious things could get. Health: Beware of small accidents on the road. Even if you're not driving, accidents may find you anyway.

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Still, at least it's nothing too serious, and it may not affect your body but rather your belongings. If you're behind the wheel, don't be too hasty.

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It may cost you money, time and feelings. When it comes to health, you're getting stronger and won't fall to any sickness easily like last year. However, sickness may befall those you respect, such as your parents. Visiting those you know will be your reason to go to the hospital more often than going there for yourself. Luck: Most of your luck and good fortune will come from work-related causes more than anything else. A partnership is also another source of fortune and success this year. Children and companions: Your children's education is on a very satisfactory level.

If they're working, they're advancing just fine.

Your children, companions and even those who work under you are in for a good year. They will be helpful when it comes to work. Their skills will soar. Next year is expected to be even better than this one. There's nothing to worry about at all. Work and finances: Your cash flow is smooth, but expenses are still pretty high. Systematic management is needed now more than ever.