Lunar eclipse 29 january 2020 astrology

Jan 29, PM Sun 9 Aqu 48 Opposition Moon 9 Leo 48(LE) Feb 13, .. Penumbral LUNAR Eclipse January 10 20 Cancer
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So keeping an open mind and staying calm and patient is key to dealing with this erratic and unpredictable energy. Otherwise, impulsive reactions, rapid mood swing and miscommunication could cause panic and chaos. Although the fixed star conjunct the Sun does not moderate this erratic energy, it does offer help by giving confidence and courage. Self-control and patience will counter a tendency to overreact and argue when faced with stressful situations.

So take small steps and be adaptable. If Lunar Eclipse January directly impacts your horoscope decan you can read about its effect in your monthly horoscope. For more detail about how it affects your natal chart see Full Moon Transits. Yes, you will be personally impacted. As to how cannot be answered without assessing your whole chart.

In a general sense, though, Venusian issues will, obviously, be highlighted for you.

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Venus rules a wide range spheres which include money, relationships of all kinds — romance, love, friendships, business partnerships — pleasure, luxuries, beauty, design, fine arts — including music, indulgence and over-indulgence, harmony, sensuality, indolence, valuables, and justice and the law, just to name a few examples. You may experience a sudden change related to one of these areas. Thank you HeavenSent! I consider Venus somewhat weakened and challenged at this lunar eclipse. You may be luckier than most, with your Venus supported by the Sun.

Use comedy, poetry and music to bridge the divide. Yet the Mars trine Venus aspect today, and thru the eclipse, has built up a strong flow between the sexes, it is possible your natal Venus is better positioned to enable actual conjugation. Very interesting, thank you! Venus is not too well positioned…. Thanks for reminder about asteroids. The eclipse on my 0 Leo Mercury. Opportunity just passed my IC. Something from the past. Who knows. Her birthday is the day of the eclipse, Jan 20th.

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So she will be experiencing a solar and lunar return simultaneously. Any thoughts on how she can fully take advantage of this moon and what to expect? I was asked to leave the job end Dec and we are having discussions since then. Can you advise if I can regain this position through Jan 21st eclipse please? I have never seen such a challenging chart for the US. Eclipse was tightly conjunct my Mercury but nothing happened that I know of.

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Where is your North node? This point is said to guide your destiny. Glad to hear it. My NN is 21 Taurus. But my Sun is 17 Leo and asc is 12deg45 Leo. Nothing has clicked. So about 6 months from now.

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You just made my day. I checked 6 months from now and you were spot on. Uranus will be conjunct my MC at that time. And the full moon in June will be smack on my progressed MC. Plus a couple of conjunctions to that stellium you mentioned.

Total Lunar Eclipse of January 21

Progressed Moon in 10th house. Almost forgot, SA Moon conjunct that stelllum. Any more thoughts? Prog Moon angular 10th will hone your command of day-to-day activities, while undergoing personal resurrection during the evenings. Priorities become clearer now. During this 9 year period, which you are in, Go To the South Node until age When the eclipse series is over at this age, revert to following your NN. I was looking at the progressed Gault discovery chart today, and I believe it has prophetic value.

What do you think?

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You would know a lot more than me. Tertiary is third level. Thanks for those details. We have harpooned the great whale Gault, and a Tertiary look seems to be in order. I can confirm that this eclipse is culminating scandalous events triggered by the previous Leo-Aqua axis eclipses.

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  • Also, I really felt the positive Jupiter-Venus conjunction. Hope everyone is experiencing a fortuitous boost from that. Since we are looking at a country chart, the New Electric could be plausibly, the newly electrified asteroid Gault, which, in the Constitution chart, resides at 18 deg Aqu, along with asteroid Child and Pluto. The inception occurred last November. Perhaps look for further evidence the beginning of Leo , when your Mars conjuncts the Sun, and the capability of a successful birth is enhanced.

    Provocative ideas. Also, the inception of what happened last November? Fascinating, Gerald!

    Interesting Sun-Gault conjunction, but what is known about the astrology of the Gault asteroid? Do you have links? We are creating the astrology in real time. Thanks for the NN position.

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    Hi Chrissy, North and South Nodes are always located in polarity i. Scorpio and Leo are in square 90 degr relationship. Perhaps you meant that your rising sign is Scorpio, and your South Node is in Leo? What can Castor reveal? Will a discovery or two concerning issues and events turn up during ? Consider 12 South themes: 'a long-term worrisome or draining issue at first seems worse then suddenly clears with successful outcomes' Brady.

    As for the January Lunar Eclipse, the Cancer-Capricorn axis is ruled by Moon and Saturn which relates to security and domestic concerns, plus, has ambition, strategy, status, and direction interests. Set for Washington DC, the horoscope of the January 10, Lunar Eclipse 20Can00 reveals a variety of reactions to the previous Solar Eclipse of December 26, 4Cap07 see eclipse list linked, below with its ' traumatic transformation ' theme. And obviously, a 'new start' is heralded by a New Year on January 1, so what may we expect for Year besides the major changes of direction timed by the January 12, Conjunction of karmic planets Saturn and Pluto 22Cap46?

    For as you know, eclipses also tend to disrupt earthly affairs and bring changes of direction although no one can say with complete confidence exactly what's ahead other than Campaign and the usual political antics and overblown promises. So let's have a glance at the 'cosmic blink' eclipse horoscope that 'opens' , below , for eclipses are always Uranian in nature--erratic, sudden, sometimes shocking, or perhaps merely full of surprises. Yet Castor is also a writers' star and suggests much creativity in its positive manifestations. Eclipses 'work through' fixed stars and strengthen or empower their potentials - and vice versa.

    A previous post also concerned the January Lunar Eclipse. Hour of Mercury time for change but Mercury is out-of-bounds of the earthly plane 'OOBs' but here we see the little fella posited in 8th house with Jupiter, South Node, Sun, Saturn, Pluto , and asteroid Ceres ' democracy ' restricted or over-powered by Saturn-Pluto authoritarianism; plus, potential interruption of food supplies.

    And the Jupiter-SN conjunction suggests clashes and conflicts of interest between social and ethical aims vs current trends and traditions, issues of bad timing, difficulties or delays in or concerning foreign lands, and genuine morality that could suffer from false religious dogma Perhaps he's wandering off from a microphone or podium, forgetful of where he is and losing the thread! Now we should also consider that the January lunar eclipse is the cosmic 'bookend' of the December 26, Solar Eclipse 4Cap07 in the 3 South Saros Series with themes of traumatic transformation and relationship endings Brady so its themes are yet another suggestion of major changes afoot.

    Personally, I react with, 'America going it alone is a weakened America' while the sabotage and undermining of our nation as led by Trump continues. As you see, communicating Mercury , planet of young people and ruler of the chart ASC 13Gem53 with Trump's chaos-creating natal Uranus first to rise , conjoins the Sun 20Capricorn, the sign of government, law and business, so Mercury is also at critical degree. Sound like anyone you know, and perhaps like the continuing lawsuits, investigations, and scandals now in the news which are certain to continue into and through ?